Library assistant and mother

‘I would consider myself to be something of an expert acupuncture patient, as I have been going to Sally on average every month for eleven and a half years. Not because there is a problem which is taking this long to resolve: on the contrary, because acupuncture helps with so many aspects of health and wellbeing, I now see Sally on a regular basis, not because I am ill, but because it is a way to keep me well.

Like most people, I thought of healthcare in terms of one specific problem at a time, but Sally has demonstrated how we are affected by many issues - some obvious, some not. My initial health problem (recurrent urticaria rashes which flared up after my baby daughter was rushed to hospital) was only the manifestation of quite a lot of other stuff the ‘red light winking on the dashboard’ as Sally put it at our first meeting. We have since re-tuned the whole engine a number of times and I am far healthier, happier and self-aware than before acupuncture became a regular part of my life.

I would encourage anyone contemplating acupuncture to try Sally’s methods and truly, they would have nothing to lose. Maybe it is not for everyone, but my own experience has been nothing other than positive. I love acupuncture because it is so highly effective and yet so gentle. The actual process is very relaxing and most points do not hurt at all, and the after-effects are very pleasant I usually have a dreamy-creamy view of life for the rest of the day. I could only wish this lasted longer than it does!

Sally is an intuitive and skilled listener and the discussions which precede the needles are a valuable time as important as the needles and of tremendous help. Through Sally’s advice and example, I have learned to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing, and in all those things we always intend to do but never get around to eating wisely, exercising and paying attention to our emotional needs, she has been supportive and informed, with excellent results.

With the second decade of acupuncture under way, I look to Sally for help and guidance in keeping well. We have seen quite a lot of changes the baby is a teenager and the menopause not far away but with needles at the ready, there is nothing to fear. Thank you, Sally.’

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