Chief personnel officer

‘For me to accept acupuncture was not only a leap of faith but it was also a need to conquer my lifelong dread of needles and inoculations! That was many years ago now.

Why acupuncture?
I had been troubled for a little while with knee problems. My GP recommended referral for keyhole surgery. I was very worried at the prospect and my wife suggested that I make an appointment with Sally Blades to see what help she could offer. After a couple of consultations the condition improved but what I learnt was far more important than just pain relief. Sally explained the holistic approach of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. So from then on I began to see acupuncture as a method by which I could check out my overall health and wellbeing.

The sessions
The sessions are very therapeutic on a number of levels. Sally is able to deal with the presenting problems; she is also able to check out my general wellbeing and through the ‘how has it been since we last met’ approach clearly elements of counselling are applied as well.

And after the sessions well dream-like and not really part of the world! This feeling usually lasts the evening (my appointments tend to be late afternoon). The next couple of days I feel generally more relaxed and should there be a problem (headaches, cold etc) these will have been relieved to the point of probably gone away. The overall positive effects can last for some time. I usually see Sally once a month.

And Sally herself
Sally is extremely professional and very experienced. She can be detective / counsellor / advisor rolled into one. Sally is patient and intuitive, extremely kind and judging by my experience has a very supportive relationship with her clients. I look forward to continuing my association with Sally and wish her every success with her practice.’

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