Life and executive coaching

Life coaching is a recognised process which helps you to live your life in keeping with what’s most important to you.

It addresses a number of questions, such as what do you want? where are you going? and how do you resolve a particular issue?

Executive coaching has similar aims, but its audience is more specific. For example, you may be outstanding in certain areas of life, but less successful in others; you may have been promoted and need targeted improvement; or you may already have achieved great results but need help in going further.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to discover your sense of purpose and the tools to make lasting progress.

Starting out

The coaching process begins with a meeting, where you and Sally will get to know one another and start to create a ‘coaching alliance’.

Sally will be interested to find out more about you who you are, your background, your current circumstances, your values and your personal resources. Then together, you will agree the focus and format of the working relationship (face-to-face, telephone and/or email), along with the desired outcomes.

All of these aspects will be reviewed periodically throughout the coaching process.

The process

All people are multifaceted. Our genes, our experiences, our environment and our circumstances; they all play a part in who we are and how we negotiate life.

For this reason, coaching offers you the freedom and the flexibility to approach a wide variety of personal and/or professional topics, rather than just a narrowly defined issue or set of issues, although these may also be addressed.

In coaching, you enjoy the support of an equal partner, rather than that of an expert, authority or healer so it’s more about being ‘helped to learn’ than it is about being taught or receiving advice and solutions. Successful coaching therefore requires a trusting and non-judgemental relationship which Sally is adept at fostering.

Removing barriers

Sally has a reputation for helping clients to develop and build on their own strengths and abilities and to break through any real or perceived difficulties.

In some instances, barriers to achievement and other issues that need resolving are rooted in past events. And whilst coaching is orientated towards the present and the future, Sally has the ability to help clear such blocks or barriers to achievement using complementary tools such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Professional development

The benefits of consulting a professional coach have been stressed in recent issues of Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine, which says ‘coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance’.

In addition, Sally has found that coaching has a positive impact on her clients’ stress levels, time and self-management, efficiency, communication skills, job satisfaction and work/life balance.

Personal development

If you wish to gain greater self-knowledge and to be more fulfilled in one or more areas of your life, coaching could well be right for you.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a professional coach, who is skilled, wise, open, measured, calm, precise and ‘fully present’ (as described by her clients), why not give Sally a call?

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‘I always come away with something of value; inspired and excited, re-energised seeing something clearly that I hadn’t seen before, or with a calmness that previously was missing.’

Paul, software manager

‘Sally made me feel completely at ease and allowed me to explore issues at my own pace. I discovered more about myself and how deep seated behaviours impact my working life during the six sessions than any other coaching / training sessions I have been on since starting my career.’

B.E, Talk Talk

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